Dungeon keeper 2 strategy

dungeon keeper 2 strategy

I was able to breach on the left of the keeper dungeon and take out the the entrance to my dungeon, creating several strategic choke-points. I shall tell you everything you need to know in order to dominate the world of Dungeon Keeper 2 ; from the creatures all the way too strategies '. For Dungeon Keeper 2 on the PC, GameFAQs has 5 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). FAQ/ Walkthrough, 01/25/04, falsehead, , K. ‎ Dungeon Keeper 2 FAQ · ‎ Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer · ‎ Creature Guide. Consider assigning more than one to the same job. However, Dark angels are very powerful creatures and you'll want as many on your side as possible. In general, the first keeper with more than one portal will win. Chang, all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer. Forgot your username or password? Possess a creature to take it for a ride through the tunnels and . To slow down enemy attack, give them something to destroy. They will be frozen, so they can't run away, and get almosted killed. No, you need rooms for your battles, and I mean BATTLES, not the cheesy crappy battles in the combat pit, but the BATTLES against people. Don't have an account? The black knights went in and had fallen. While a bit slow, monks can pray to heal, which makes them VERY hard to kill. Use spike traps later. Some people would make two lairs, but I never really use 2 of anything 'cept treasuries. As you begin digging to build up your treasury and place a lair, you'll discover the previous dungeon keeper's remaining dungeon including a busted dungeon heart. I suggest building 1 or 2, untill you find the gem, then you can build more. Log In Sign Up. When Ironhelm comes, drop in all your creatures into the hero gate room, add some thunderbolts, and Ironhelm will go down. Lightning is a great creature spell. Of course, a bit of time need to pass before the creature dies and turns into skeleton. They can't get to the door without triggering the trap. It'll take him a bit longer to take out a level 10 creature, but he's unstoppable. Try to squeeze in a training room somewhere. Enemy keepers would have the imps convert your bridge first, making it impossible to sell. It also gives your creatures a morale bonus if they are fighting nearby.

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